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Modern life can no longer be imagined without smart home appliances. Thus, the automatic washing machine has firmly entered the life of every family, helping to refresh and clean clothes every day. Not everyone knows how to take care of a “home assistant”, how to use the unit correctly in order to maximize its service life and ensure high quality washing. Let's analyze the basic rules for operating the washing machine. Do not wash all laundry together It is very important to sort the laundry before loading it into the drum. Things should be divided into groups, and pay attention not only to the color of the products, but also the material from which they are made. Here are some guidelines for properly sorting clothes: • carefully study the tag sewn from the wrong side of the thing. On the label, the manufacturer indicates at what temperature and mode washing is allowed; • be sure to keep in mind that certain wardrobe items can be cleaned exclusively by hand, and automatic washing can irreparably damage the item; • color is the main feature for separating laundry. White things can be loaded with light, red - with burgundy and pink, black - with dark; • pay attention to the fabric from which the clothes are sewn. So, natural products should be washed separately from synthetic ones; • it is advisable to load underwear into the drum separately from everything else, and in special bags for washing; • separate items by weight. Light items, for example, socks, tights, should not be thrown into the car together with trousers, jackets, sweaters. At the end of sorting, you can start starting the washing machine. It is necessary to turn on the machine, fill it with detergent, and select the correct mode for cleaning. We activate the machine and fill in the powder Before using the machine, it is advisable to thoroughly study the instructions for use that comes with the machine. In the user manual, the manufacturer covers all important aspects of connecting equipment to the network, utilities, designations of control panel indicators, etc. There are a number of basic rules for turning on your washing machine. • It is important to correctly connect the unit to the water supply and sewerage network. • The drain hose must not be kinked or kinked; incorrect installation may result in leaks. • The socket supplying the equipment must be protected from moisture ingress. • When you press the power button, the indication on the control panel should light up. The selection of the program will largely depend on the type of product, the degree of contamination, etc. How to set the temperature regime? The washing of things in the washing machine should be done at the optimum mode. It is in such a situation that high quality cleaning will be ensured and the risk of damage to the item will be minimized. The choice of washing temperature is very important. In some cases, very cold water cannot cope with the task of removing stains, and too hot water can cause shrinkage of the thing, its fading. Let's analyze the main temperature conditions. • 30 ° C. Suitable for cleaning clothes made from delicate fabrics: silk, wool. Cool water will not deform the material or wear out the fabric fibers. • 40 ° C. This heating will be ideal for regular washing of home textiles. You can wash almost all products at this temperature. • 60 ° C. It is used when clothes are heavily soiled. Suitable for cleaning uniforms, baby clothes, towels, bedding sets, etc. • 95 ° C. Such a temperature regime allows not only to cope with the most difficult stains, but also to "sterilize" the laundry. Ideal for soft toys, skin-affected clothes, towels. Having decided what water temperature will be optimal for each group of things, you can safely set the washing program. Competent laundry care involves precise control of the degree of heating of the water, in order to avoid damage to the fabric. How to choose a program? There is a programmer on the main control panel of the washing machine. The choice of cleaning program depends mainly on the fabric and type of garment. Most washers have standard modes "Wool", "Silk", "Synthetics". From the name it becomes clear to the user which laundry programs can be used to wash. It is also clear what the buttons "Baby's clothes", "Downy things", etc. are for. If you find it difficult to decide on the washing mode, it is better to study their detailed description in the instructions for the technique. The standard Delicate or Hand wash programs are suitable for almost all garments. The express wash will do a great job with light stains. Gentle modes Designed for cleaning clothes made of delicate fabrics that are easily deformed. The drum, when choosing a gentle program, does not rotate at high speed, but slightly turns from side to side. So the harmful mechanical effect on the laundry is minimized. Special modes simulate hand washing. It is better to wash things with a delicate structure in this way. We are talking about the special programs "Hand wash", "Soft wool", etc. Mode for those in a hurry The fast cycles provided by the automatic machine manufacturers are suitable for daily freshening up of clothes or for dealing with light dirt. Express cleaning can take 15 to 40 minutes, depending on the model. Washing takes place with minimal consumption of electricity, detergents and water resources. In the arsenal of some washing machines there is a function "Daily wash", characterized by a similar cleaning process. Features of the "Quick wash" program: • suitable for lightly soiled items, freshening them up or rinsing them after daily wear; • may not cope with stubborn stains; • the best option for cleaning both white and colored fabrics; • characterized by increased economy of consumed resources. We highly recommend not to overfill the drum of the washing machine. It's best to remember the half load. Programs for particularly dirty laundry A modern washing machine easily copes with even the deepest dirt. For these purposes, the intellect provides options for pre-washing, soaking, removing stains. Features of intensive modes: • even the stubbornest stains are easily removed; • the washing time in most cases exceeds 2.5 hours, since the items in the drum are pre-soaked by the system; • after soaking, the water is completely drained from the tank, instead of it, a clean liquid is collected, in which the main wash takes place. The stain removal and intensive wash program is applied according to certain recommendations: • before starting the add-ons, a special agent (bleach, stain remover) should be applied to the contaminated area and only then the item should be loaded into the drum; • the first step in removing stains should take place in forty-degree water; • Intensive pollution control occurs at the second stage, which is characterized by an increased temperature regime and an increased cycle time. By following these recommendations, you can remove almost any stain from your laundry. Modern washing machines are equipped with a huge range of programs and add-ons, and if you deal with them, you can provide the highest quality care for wardrobe items. Rules for the use of funds The selection of detergents is also an important preparatory step. Properly selected products will ensure high washing results. To ensure the cleanliness and freshness of things, while maintaining the quality of the fabric, it is necessary to apply in practice the basic rules for the selection and use of compositions for washing. Buy cleaners specifically designed for automatic washing. Powders for activator-type machines or manual cleaning are not suitable for automatic machines. They form too much foam, which negatively affects the elements of the washer. Choose products designed to clean specific types of fabric. White items are washed with separate formulations containing more bleaching ingredients. Special means are provided for colored clothing as well. They do not contain whitening particles, but, on the contrary, are aimed at maintaining the brightness of the fabric. Enzyme formulations work well only in cool water. They perfectly wash the most difficult dirt, but are not suitable for washing clothes at 60 ° C-95 ° C. The shape of the product also matters. Powders are distinguished by an increased concentration of active substances; gels have a gentler effect on the material. If necessary, together with the main detergent, you can use conditioners, rinses, bleaches, stain removers. Pay special attention to the composition, it should be free of nonionic surfactants, phosphates, optical brighteners. People prone to allergies should choose products without fragrances and fragrances. Compliance with simple but extremely important operating rules will allow your equipment to serve for many years.

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