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Washing Machine/Dryer Repair

Washing machine repair

No matter how high-quality your washing machine is, it, like any other equipment, is subject to wear and tear during operation. Parts of the washing machine need to be replaced over time. Of course, timely preventive actions prolong the life of your washing machine, however, breakdowns are inevitable, because nothing can work forever. Installation of washing machines If you have purchased a new washing machine, be sure to contact a qualified technician. Proper installation of the washing machine is the key to its long-term performance. Installing a washing machine requires specific knowledge and experience; you should not rely on your own strengths and capabilities. After all, any error in the installation can cost you too much - either you have to call a more experienced wizard to eliminate errors made during installation, or, even worse, your washing machine will generally become unusable. Repair of washing machines should only be carried out by a specialist. Fortunately, there is no shortage of qualified specialists today. But if you need to repair your washing machine, we advise you to contact our special repair center. Unlike private repairmen, the employees of our repair center, after the repair, will write you a receipt with a list of all the repair work carried out, indicating all the replaced spare parts. Why do washing machines break down? • Often breakdowns of the washing machine occur due to improper operation, for example: before washing clothes, you forgot to clean pockets and small foreign objects during washing, damaged the drum or drain hose. Or you did not take into account the hardness of the water and washed without adding water softeners and anti-scale agents to the washing machine. In this case, the heating coil is gradually covered with scale and eventually breaks down. • It is also important to periodically clean the cleaning filter of your washing machine. This procedure must be carried out after every 10th wash. Our company has been working for a long time in the field of providing services for the repair of washing machines. During their work, our specialists have recommended themselves as real professionals in their field. We will fix any breakdown quickly and efficiently. If you need to replace spare parts, you do not have to waste time looking for them. Our company cooperates only with the best suppliers of equipment and spare parts. Therefore, replacement of spare parts for your washing machine will not take much time and will be performed at the highest level. We are ready to take on the most difficult work. We eliminate any problems in the shortest possible time and guarantee the quality of our work. By contacting our company, you will ensure yourself a high-quality repair of your washing machine at a reasonable price.

Trust your dryer to professionals

Dryers are reliable technology, however, factors such as: power surges, improper installation of the unit, damage to the device during transport or improper operation lead to the fact that the equipment expires prematurely. Our company repairs drying machines quickly, efficiently and inexpensively. You do not need to waste your precious time on tedious trips to the repair shop, our specialists will come to your house themselves. Due to the fact that such a service as the repair of dryers is not very popular. An ordinary electrician cannot know all the nuances and specifics of such units, therefore there is a possibility of an error in the repair of the dryer. Our service center will provide a competent specialist who will do his job with a quality guarantee. Attempts to repair the dryer yourself often lead to negative consequences. To prevent this from happening, you should not save on a specialist. Before calling the master, check the unit for: connecting the device to electricity; • closing the door; • setting the timer; • whether the filter is clean; • if there are any kinks in the ventilation air duct. Finally, just try to turn the device on and off again - sometimes it can help. What problems can occur in the dryer If your unit cannot stop on its own, there is a possibility that the sensors that indicate the moisture level of things are out of order, or the control unit has broken. Is the drum spinning? This could be a symptom of a broken belt or a problem with the motor. Has the dryer stopped performing its functions efficiently? There are problems with the condensing pump. In order to extend the “life” of your dryer, you must follow all the instructions: do not overload the device, carefully study the instructions before use, observe safety precautions, do not forget to carry out preventive inspections and maintenance. If you often use the unit, then there is a high probability that the filters can get dirty and need to be cleaned. Only an experienced technician will be able to disassemble the case and completely clean the parts. For maintenance, it is better to contact the services of an experienced master. A competent specialist will not only perform maintenance, but also identify parts that may eventually wear out and cause malfunctions in the unit. Our company will be able to help replace such parts with new and high-quality ones. All this will be done as soon as possible. When filling out an application for repair, do not forget to indicate the brand, model of the device, and also indicate the signs of breakdown. Such actions will help to pre-establish the breakdown and select the necessary parts for your dryer. Is your tumble dryer overheating? Has it stopped spinning? Doesn't dry your laundry? Does it make strange sounds? We will take over your tumble dryer for repair and eliminate all of the above symptoms. We will diagnose the device and replace any defective parts. We will help you if you need to replace the heating element, or replace a new thermostat, seal the door, we will help you eliminate such problems without any problems. Dryer installation Also, if you have just bought a new dryer and you need to correctly install the dryer, call the masters of our service center. In addition to the repair and maintenance of dryers, we offer drying machine installation services. We will install your dryer correctly so that you can enjoy long and trouble-free operation of your dryer. Repair services for drying machines provided by our service center: • Calling the master at home; • Diagnostics of drying machines • Repair of the first level of complexity (simple). Includes replacement of handles, cord, buttons, troubleshooting of the dryer; • Repair of the second level of complexity (medium). This includes replacing internal components such as: door hatch, door lock, belt, control module, drain and engine cleaning. • Repair of the third level of complexity (difficult). Replacement and repair of elements such as control module, boards and drying unit. In order to contact the specialists for repairs as seldom as possible, follow all the instructions and carry out the preventive maintenance of the device according to the instruction manual. We would like to draw your attention to the fact that today this type of equipment as a tumble dryer is not as popular as washing machines, therefore there are very few experienced specialists in this technique. How we are working ? Our engineers have been trained and have over five years of experience in servicing dryers. Also, our service has a large number of spare parts for drying machines of all brands and models. Dryers are reliable technology, the amount of water that enters the dryer is small, so its quality does not affect the operation of the machine. Also, if you ensure the operation of the dryer through an uninterruptible power supply, then the machine will serve for many years.

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