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Refrigerator/Beverage Center Repair

Why El Segundo Appliance Repair?

Refrigerator repair

  • A defective refrigerator is not only fast-deteriorating food and drinks, which are quite expensive nowadays, it is also an unpleasant smell in the kitchen, puddles on the floor and excessive consumption of electricity.
    A refrigerator repair technician must be responsible for the result of his work, and we guarantee this to you!
    Timely refrigerator repair gives you benefits such as: 
  • Significant savings on the purchase of products.
    If the refrigerator works intermittently, some of the food must be thrown away all the time. If you count all this in real money, then an impressive amount is obtained per month. Why do you need to spend extra money – just keep your equipment in good condition and you will save up to 30% of your food budget!
  •  Cleanliness and freshness in the kitchen.
    With some breakdowns of the refrigerator, an unpleasant smell, leaks and freezing appear. You spend a lot of time in the kitchen every day and deserve to be comfortable and pleasant to be there. Have fun cooking, and don’t be distracted by bad smells, malfunctions, or rattling sounds!
  •  Savings on repairs and maintenance.
    In the event of a malfunction of any nature, the earlier it is eliminated, the cheaper it will cost you. Order repairs in our service center, and you will avoid high costs for buying new equipment or neglected breakdowns.
    Why do you need to contact us for the repair of refrigerators in El Segundo?
  • We use only certified materials and components, modern technologies and tools, which ensures fast and cost-effective repair of breakdowns with minimal interference in the operation of equipment. That is why we provide a solid guarantee for every service performed. You can really trust us.
  • Comfortable service. We repair refrigerators at home, only sometimes it may be necessary to transport equipment or its parts to our workshop. Our specialists will not only quickly and efficiently eliminate the breakdown, but also answer all your questions about maintenance and proper operation of the devices. In addition, if necessary, they will be instructed on the correct use of household appliances.
  • Efficiency. We understand how important it is for you that all equipment works “like a clock”, so we are ready to fix the breakdown or malfunction in the shortest possible time and at a convenient time! Sometimes, we even work on Sundays. Are you still throwing away your missing food and are experiencing discomfort from a broken refrigerator? Then the El Segundo Appliance Repair service center is ready to come to your aid, the price for the repair of refrigerators is anti-crisis. Call us now!

Beverage system repair

Wine or any other beverage is a whimsical drink with special storage requirements. The lack of favorable conditions leads to a change in taste and color, as well as the appearance of sediment. To prevent this from happening, you should store wine in special refrigerators. An unusual "cellar" will be the best assistant in preserving and improving the properties of the ancient drink. Wine/beverage refrigerators: features Storage units differ in design and dimensions, but the conditions that can be created with their help for "ripening" are the same. So what makes them ideal for storing alcohol? • lack of light. Ultraviolet light is harmful to wine. It causes oxidation and loss of flavor. That is why bottles should be protected from sunlight; • optimal temperature and humidity. To preserve the aroma and taste, an appropriate temperature and humidity regime is required, which will not be difficult to create in the chamber; • correct position. The tilt of the bottle also matters. Modern installations are designed in such a way that the wine does not come into contact with the cork; • tightness. Alcohol easily absorbs foreign odors, which is why the cabinet in which it is stored must be 100% airtight. Among other things, cold rooms provide complete peace of wine. Vibration also contributes to discoloration and sludge formation. El Segundo Appliance Repair specializes in providing services in the field of domestic and industrial refrigeration. Our qualified specialists with deep knowledge and extensive practical experience will promptly eliminate any malfunction, install the chiller or conduct a preventive inspection. We work with freezers, cabinets, bonnets, ice makers and specialized equipment for beverage products. Repair and maintenance of beverage chambers A breakdown of a beverage refrigerator can lead to unpleasant consequences - long painstaking work on preparing a tart drink will not bring the desired results. You can avoid troubles if you have at hand the contacts of masters who are ready to quickly come to the rescue. El Segundo Appliance Repair offers services for the installation, commissioning, repair and maintenance of wine chambers. Our qualified specialists do their job quickly and efficiently, which means that your work will not be wasted. After a certain time, you and your guests will be able to enjoy the extraordinary taste of an aromatic home-made drink.

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