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Freezer/Ice Machine Repair

Freezer repair

Our service center is ready to offer everyone a quick and high-quality repair of freezers in El Segundo and nearby areas. Moreover, at affordable prices for everyone and regardless of which model and what year of release the freezer is presented. ADVANTAGES OF OUR SERVICE If you need a refrigerator freezer repair, then there is every reason to contact us. Namely: • Fair and flexible pricing: the final cost will be calculated after accurate diagnostics; • We provide first class repair and diagnostic at your place at time convenient for you. You do not need to revise your personal and work schedule; • Using only genuine spare parts and components - whether it is repairing freezers from many known brands; • Availability of the most highly qualified employees with extensive experience in this field; • In addition, our service repair of freezers presupposes the issuance of firm and long-term guarantees. If you have any questions regarding the repair of household refrigerators, freezers, you can ask them by calling our contact numbers listed on the website. HOW TO ORDER A FREEZER REPAIR FROM US? So, you need a private repair of freezers. How to be in this case? A minimum of intervention is required from you. In particular, it will be enough to leave a request through a special form on the website, or by contacting us by phone. Calling our operators provide us the following information, it will make repair faster. • The specific model and manufacturer of your equipment. For example: repairing the Nord freezer; • Model year and service life at the moment; • The nature of the malfunction. For example, a freezer fan or drawer may need to be repaired. In this case, the symptoms will be different - and our specialist, according to the described signs, will try to immediately develop an optimal repair strategy, capture everything you need to call; • A convenient time for the visit of the master and, of course, your contact information. A specialist will quickly arrive at the site, conduct a complete inspection of the equipment and will be able to successfully solve the problem. By the way, we can also order urgent repairs of freezers, if time, as they say, does not stand. As a rule, clients who have contacted us will receive their equipment in a fully functional state on the same day. COMPLIANCE WITH WARRANTY AGREEMENTS One of the advantages of cooperation with us is that we issue long and firm guarantees for any kind of repair of household freezers or industrial models. This also applies directly to repair work, and those components and parts that were required for this. Moreover, the guarantee is issued even for the most insignificant repair of a box or door and is confirmed in writing. If during the warranty period the problem recurs through no fault of yours, then we will fix it again, but only this time for you - absolutely free of charge. REPAIR OF FREEZERS OF ANY BRANDS Our specialists will carry out a high-quality repair of freezers from LG, Indesit, Whirlpool, Maytag, KitchenAid and any other manufacturers. Our skilled technicians are well aware of all the possible pitfalls and design features of devices that are available in the case of a particular manufacturer. REASONS TO CONTACT US As usual, there can be a lot of reasons for contacting us. In most cases, this is the natural wear and tear of a particular component. Freezer compressor or electrical system overhaul, relay or door repair may be required. The list can be very long. It is important that our specialists are able to cope with all the problems. Detailed information can be found in our price lists. If you noticed something wrong in the work of your appliance, you should not try to repair the freezers by your own. Otherwise, it will cause even more malfunction. WILL IT BE EXPENSIVE TO REPAIR? We are often asked how much it costs to repair a freezer. However, it is impossible to answer it unequivocally in advance: after all, it all depends on the nature of the problem, on the total labor intensity of the work, and the cost of spare parts. But in any case, the prices for our work will pleasantly surprise you. So, if you need urgent, warranty repair of the freezer or any other - don't wait, call us right away! We will definitely help you and your freezer get back on line as quickly as possible.

Ice maker repair

We use ice making machines in everyday life. Besides, this equipment is popular in professional kitchens. You fill in water, press a button and get a big batch of ice - handy at parties. But even with such simple devices, problems do occur. You can call the wizard, or you can try to figure out on your own how to troubleshoot the ice maker. Our skilled technicians underlined the most typical breakdowns, as well as suggest ways to fix them. Clogged drain hose or sewer The principle of connecting and operating the drain hose in an ice maker is similar to that of a washing machine, but blockages occur much more often. However, you may notice water and unfrozen cubes inside the chamber. Reasons for blockage: Cooling of food and drinks in the chamber. Food and fruit particles enter the drain. Incorrect hose connection - below the specified level. How to clean: Disconnect the hose and rinse with water. Try to repeat the connection. Eliminating the blockage of the sewage system. The appliance is only designed to convert water to ice, not to cool and store food. Problems with the programmer, valve and thermostat You have noticed that ice is freezing in chunks on the evaporator. The defrost cycle does not start. First of all, turn off the device and reboot. Causes of problems and ways to solve them: Programmer. The thermostat sends a signal to the control module, which starts a freeze or defrost cycle. If the processes do not start within 12 minutes, run diagnostics. To do this, turn the programmer shaft to defrost mode. If freezing starts, the element must be replaced. Blockage in nozzles or malfunction of the pump (water does not flow) Typical signs of problems are irregular ice shape or incomplete filling of forms. The pump serves to pump water into the compartment, which flows through the nozzles. If the water does not flow, then there is a blockage that needs to be removed. Opaque cubes are produced This happens when using hard water, which contains a lot of lime and calcium. In case of large amount of impurities just install a purification filter. Faulty thermostat or switch If the icemaker does not turn on or turns off after 15 minutes of operation, it is likely that the hopper thermostat is defective. In this case, ice is not produced, or the pressure switch is turned off in emergency mode. The main function of hopper thermostat is to control ice production process. As soon as the temperature in the chamber reaches a certain mark, the device is disconnected from the mains. What to do: Inspect the regulator. Check if the shut-off valve is open. Inspect the solenoid valve, fan, condenser. Evaporator does not freeze. A water or solenoid valve may be open. Elements are checked and replaced. There is no water in the chamber, there is no ice Even if the cubes are formed, they are of an irregular shape. There is not enough water to fill the molds completely. Check the shut-off valve in the inlet hose. Open it to full capacity. Problems with the operation of the solenoid valve. In this case, you need to replace the element. Unstable operation of the pump Water enters the chamber intermittently and unstable. It is necessary to clean: manifold, filter, nozzles. Diagnose a pump malfunction, install a new part if necessary. Too much water in the chamber in this case, the ice mold may not be covered by too many cubes. This indicates a malfunction of the thermostat that controls the amount of ice in the compartment. Install a non-defective part and run a test check. Water under the housing There is a leak in the solenoid valve. It is necessary to repair the leak or replace the part. Housing Shocks If the ice maker is shocked when touched, the connection was made without grounding. Install a waterproof grounded outlet, check the power cord and extension cord. Noisy Unit Operation When noises and whistles are heard during generator operation; the condenser micro motor is likely to be worn out. It is not recommended to lubricate and repair it, it is better to replace it immediately. Panel LEDs are blinking The LED is trying to tell you that there is a problem. See if there is enough water in the tank or if the mold is overflowing with ice. If the blinking does not stop, it is better to contact the wizard. To avoid such problems, we recommend that you adhere to the operating rules: For refueling, you need to use purified water. If it is filled automatically, install a cleaning filter. The water in the tank should be changed every day. If the motor stops working, you do not need to restart the device immediately. Unplug it and let it rest for 15-20 minutes. Then turn it back on. Clean the hopper with a baking soda solution. Now you know how to react when a problem occurs. We mentioned the most typical malfunctions that may occur. But there are many other types of breakages. Anyway, do not try to fix the problem alone. According to our experience, the overwhelming majority of all serious cases are the result of such repair. Just contact our reliable service. We have trained and experienced team who is able to fix the malfunction of any brand, type, model and complexity.

El Segundo Appliance Repair

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